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There are more islands

As I told you before, Ko Chang is part of the Mu Ko Chang Marine National Park with 50 islands. The Thai Tramp tells you how to go there by boat.

Koh Maak เกาะหมาก
also Koh Mak

See the locations on Koh Mak Google Map

Picture Mathieu van den Berk

Picture Mathieu van den Berk

What you discover
White sandy beaches, crystal clear water and 27 kilometers coastline: Koh Maak lies south of Koh Chang and is not part of the National Park. Around 800 people live here in three fishing villages and around 20 resorts wait for guests. There are plantations of rubber trees and coconut palms, rainforest and two beaches, Khao Beach (Southeast, great for windsurfing) and Suan Yai Beach (Northwest). You can rent bikes and motorbikes to discover the island. You will find some small shops. See a map of Koh Maak and see a guide for Koh Maak. And read the history of Koh Maak.

How you arrive
From Laem Ngop you take a speedboat (daily at around 9.30, 11.00, 13.30 und 16.00), which arrives after 45 to 60 minutes at Suan Yai Pier. There is also a slow boat (daily at 15.00). It takes 2.5 hours to arrive at Ao Nid Pier. See the timetable here.
From Bang Bao on Koh Chang there are speedboats and slow boats too, see the timetable here.

These times are for high season between November and May. In the low season and if the wether is bad, some boats can't leave due to high waves.

Where you stay on Ao Kao Bay:

Baan Koh Mak From 800 to 1650 Baht. 18 rooms. Read review of

Picture ml22
View from Ban Koh Mak Resort Restaurant southwest direction

Ao Kao Beach Resort From 850 to 1500 Baht, 30 bungalows at the beach, open all year round.

Island Huts From 150 to 250 Baht, 7 simple bamboo huts at Ao Kao Beach. Pictures by

Makathanee Resort สำนักงานขาย From 1500 to 3000 Baht. Wooden houses in Thai style, pool. Read review on

Makathanee Resort

Palm Beach Resort From 3500 Baht. 8 Bungalows with private roof top terrace on every bungalow. Read review on See also video on youtube.

Palm Beach Resort

Baan Chai Lay Resort From 650 to 5400 Baht. Four beach front bungalows and rooms at the back. Read review on

Holiday Beach Resort: From 350 to 1300 Baht. Read review on

Lazy Day The Resort: From 2500 to 3000 Baht. Bungalows. Read review on

Bamboo Hut: For 300 Baht. 6 Bungalows in the rear of Lazy days.

Monkey Island Resort From 600 to 1800 Baht.

Monkey Island

Pano Resort 900 Baht. Four houses with two rooms.

Pano Resort

Koh Mak Villa: From 1000 to 2500 Baht. Off the beach, at the top of the hill between Ao Suan Yai beach and Ao Kao beach.

Goodtime Resort From 2300 to 5200 Baht. With spa and pool. You live in thai houses or villas. Off the beach between Ao Suan Yai Beach and Ao Kao Beach.

Picture Naomi

Baan Ing Kao: From 200 to 500 Baht. Huts on a hillside.

Sunset Bungalows: From 200 to 400 Baht. There is no sand here, but rocky headland.

T. K. Huts: From 400 to 990 Baht.

Where you stay on Ao Suan Yai Bay:

Coco Cape Resort From 500 to 10 000 Baht. Wooden cottages above seawater on stilts. Read reviews on

Baan Talay Bungalow with shared bathroom (romantic, of course there are also more comfortable villas...)


Koh Mak Resort From 600 to 4800 Baht. Read review on

Koh Mak Resort

Suchanaree Bungalows: For 400 Baht. Six basic bungalows.

Where you stay on Ao Tann Bay:

Green View Resort: Offside in the north east of the island.

Where you stay on Ao Nid Bay:

Buri Hut Natural Resort: From 700 to 1800 Baht. North from Ao Nid Pier at Banlang Bay, not at the beach. Pictures by Elke & Christian

Pictures and videos:
Pictures by Heinz Albers I Pictures by Heinz Albers II
Pictures by Happy Sleepy I

Koh Rayang หมู่เกาะระยั้ง

See the locations on Koh Rayang Google Map

Just a few hundred meters from Koh Maak.

Where you stay:

Rayang Island Resort From ???. 15 wood bungalows. No aircon during the day. No motorbikes on the island.

Picture Olivier Languepin

Koh Kham เกาะขาม

See the locations on Koh Kham Google Map

Picture Heinz Albers

Picture Heinz Albers
Black lava rock on the beach

From Koh Mak you can walk here during low tide - or take a boat. In 2008 a wealthy Bangkok family has bought the island. They are turning it into a luxury resort, notes luxury-thailand-travel

See LimeWaveVideo

Koh Wai เกาะหวาย

See the locations on Koh Wai Google Map

What you discover
Quiet paradise. But may be not for long time now, because a korean company has bought Pakarang Resort. Read the report of The Nation Good place for snorkeling and diving (corals on the west side). No shop. Be prepared for mosquitoes. And be aware, that day trippers come by boats from Koh Chang and elswhere. Find a good description by Tales of Asia

How you arrive
From Laem Ngop see the timetable here.
From Bang Bao on Koh Chang see the timetable here.
Krom Luang Pier near Trat Every day at 8 am and 12 am. See the timetable

Where you stay

Paradise Bungalow

Pakarang Resort From 800 to 2000 baht. 38 wooden and concrete bungalows.

Pakarang Resort

Ao Yai Ma Bungalows From 250 to 350 baht. 12 bungalows.

Good Feeling 300 Baht. 11 Bungalows.

Koh Lao Ya เกาะเหลายา

See the locations on Koh Lao Ya Google Map

Picture isriya

Picture isriya

Beautiful white sand, clear water, corals: Koh Lao Ya lies south of Koh Chang and is a group of islands: Koh Lao Ya Nok, Koh Lao Ya Klang and Koh Lao Ya Nai. The main island is around 1 kilometer long and 300 metres wide. There is a wooden bridge from Koh Lao Ya Nai to Koh Yao Ya Klang. At low tide you can walk to the island without using the bridge.

Where you stay

Lao Ya Island Resort From 2100 to 4800 Baht. See also:

Pictures and videos:
Pictures and by Ulrike

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