Saturday, April 19, 2008

About the King Cobra and the paradise for divers

Seventy percent of the territory of Koh Chang is rain forrest, a real jungle. How romantic! How dangerous! Some of the species here you should better not see from too close, for example the Burmese python or the King cobra. So be careful and dress right, when you want to go for a jungle trek. May be you also discover the Ko Chang frog (Rana kochang), who only lives on this island. It's possible to go into the jungle with local guides. Here you find a description of a trip to King Cobra Waterfall. You can stay at a guesthouse in the jungle: Jungleway.
And in the sea there is the rich marine life of the National Park, where you find coral reefs. Good sites to observe: Ko Chang noi, Ko Yuak, Ko Man Nok, Ko Khlum, Ko Wai, Ko Lao Ya, Ko Ngam, Ko Rang, Ko Kra and along the easternside of Ko Chang island.In Salak Phet Bay lie the wrecks of the Thai warships "Songkhla" and "Chonburi" - interesting places for divers!

More about Ko Changs Nature. And see pictures

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