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Hotels and Guesthouses on
Ko Chang

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Ao Klong Son เกาะช้าง
Klong Son Bay (also Chang Noi Beach)

A quiet beach for safe swimming. But the bay is now part of a big property development called Siam Royal View.

Aiyapura Resort & Spa: Thai style villas and suites surrounded by greenery tropical garden with a large 30 meters long swimming pool. There is just a very small beach. The
reviews on are mixed: guests, who would like to have a bigger beach or opportiunities to eat outside the resort complain about the isolated location.

Room of Oriental Villa

Jungleway: From 200 to 400 baht. Five bamboo bungalows, where you go to sleep and wake up to the sounds of the jungle. The restaurant has a viewing platform high in the trees. You can book jungle treks here and hire bikes. With the longer treks you climb to Khao Chom Prasat (661m), from where you have a magnificent view over Koh Chang. Or you go down to the sea to see one of the mangrove forests. Jungleway is in walking distance from Klong Son fishing village.

Picture Marte Romsås
Jungleway restaurant

Jungleway restaurant from inside

Picture Chris Allen
Jungleway bungalow,

Had Sai Khao หาดทรายขาว
White Sand Beach

The longest, most popular and therefore most busiest or crowded beach - depends from your point of view. Many shops, restaurants and pubs along the street. Maps White Sand Beach North and White Sand Beach South See good pictures by Heinz Albers

White Sand Beach Resort & Spa: From 800 to 2500 Baht. 99 bungalows are in three rows, each with a share of sea view.

See also picture by Heinz Albers

Rock Sand Beach Resort: From 350 Bath. 102 Moo 4. The central building lies on a rock at the beach with a nice terrasse and with beaches on each side. There are lodges and rooms above and behind the restaurant. See video from the rainy season on youtube by kasunga1

Picture paka808
View from the terrace

Picture Rock Sand Beach Resort

Bo's Indipendent bungalows: 20 rooms, from 200 to 600 Baht. writes: "If ever there was a competition to decide the bungalow operation with the funkiest decor in Thailand, Independent Bo would have to be high on the list. Murals on the side of every wall, decorations eclectically drawn from all corners of the globe and a generous use of red make independent Bo a sight to behold." Read more in the blog of Cath and Simon. See video on See also pictures by Heinz Albers

Picture Jo Simon

KC Grande Resort: 61 villas, from 1700 to 7000 Baht. This resort has the best beach front area on White Sand Beach. In the reviews on the deluxe rooms on the beach are recommended (ask for rooms 444, 555, 666, 777, 888. 999). Some construction work seems to be going on in the back part of the resort.

Picture by

15 Palms: From 700 to 1400 Baht. Bungalows. Recommended by

Koh Chang Lagoon Resort: From 1600 to 4500 Baht, at very nice beach, 83 rooms in bungalows and hotel buildings.

Koh Chang Lagoon Resort

Picture Gabriel

Koh Chang Kacha Resort & Spa: From 1800 to 6300 Baht, 89 rooms and villas. Good reviews on Mixed are the
reviews of

Koh Chang Kacha Resort

Ban Pu Koh Chang Hotel: From 1800 to 6500 Baht. Rooms with seaview, surrounded by a tropical garden.

See also pictures by Heinz Albers:

Alina Resort and Alina Grande Hotel: The Resort (from 800 to 1600 Baht) has hotel rooms and bungalows. Alina Grande Hotel (from 1500 zo 4800 Baht) is quite new and not at the beach, but on the other side of the street.

See video on

Alina Grande

Keereeta Resort: From 2500 to 3000 Baht. Not at the beach but 200 metres from the sea, with herbal steam room. Read review on Recommended by

Keereta Resort

Had Kai Mook
Kai Mook Beach

Kai Mook Beach is also known as pearl beach. And pearls meen: there are a lot of litte stones at the beach, it's not a sandy beach.

Plaloma Cliff Resort: From 900 to 2500 Baht. Disappointed reviews on

Plaloma Cliff Resort

Top Resort: From 900 to 3610 Bath, 14 rooms and 4 bungalows. The bungalows have a kitchen. Only small beach.

Top Resort

Remark Cottage Resort: From 2800 to 6000 Baht. 15 rooms. Read review on Good snorkeling opportunities just offshore.

Remark Cottages

Saffron on the sea: 7 bungalows,from 400 to 1400 Baht per night."A good choice for those wanting to avoid crowds, or for couples seeking a romantic getaway", says the review of Stones at the beach, not sand.

Paradise Palms Resort: From 900 zo 1300 baht. 4 rooms. Read review of

Ban Nuna Guesthouse: From 250 to 300 Baht. The Bungalows are 50 metres from the beach. The guesthouse with the same name is 2 kilometres away from White Sand Beach.

Bungalow at the beach


Pearl Beach

Laem Chai Chet
Chai Chet Cape

Chaichet resort: 1800 Baht. 57 rooms, in bungalows and in a motel-like building. The restaurant is wellknown for seafood.

Chaichet resort

Had Khlong Prao คลองพร้าว
Khlong Prao Beach

Safe for swimming, in the northern part swimming is not recommended.

Coconut beach resort: 75 rooms,from 600 to 3000 Baht per night. review sees in this palace "an attempt of old-style grandeur going a litte over the top". It describes the rooms inside "a little less intricate and frilly than their exterior". The resort has also older bungalows. Nice white sandy beach.

Villa Room

Thalé Bungalows: From 200 to 250 Baht, 12 bungalows. Recommended by

Thalé Bungalows

Tiger Huts 500 Baht. 32 rustic huts. Tiger Hut sprawls down a long swathe of golden sand.

Tiger Huts

Ramayana Koh Chang Resort: 64 rooms, from 2000 to 6300 Baht. Not at the beach, but with shuttle bus to a beach. Reviews on

Ramayana Resort

Baan Rim Nam Guesthouse: 900 Baht. Only 3 rooms. A renovated wooden fishermans home on stilts over the klong. Very quiet place. In a couple of minutes you walk 200 metres to the beach. You can also kayak up and down the klong. Read Lonely Planet review.

The room

The deck

The view

Aana Resort: 71 rooms,from 2200 to 17000 Baht per night. Rooms and villas with jacuzzi. It's lies on a river, from where you are taken to a small private beach by boat (around 500 meters away). Some guest complain about the beach and mosquitos in the reviews of

Villa with jacuzzi and view to the river

Swimming pool with Top View Villas

Panviman Resort: From 4200 to 8800 Baht. 50 rooms in a tropical lush garden at a peninsula. Quite a long way to the shops of Klong Prao, but the hotel offers transportation. Beach restaurants nearby. Read good reviews on

Four Angels restaurant

Panviman Resort

Iyara Resort From 800 to 3500 Baht. 16 bungalows. Not at the beach, close to nature, at a stream coming from a waterfall, where you find a natural jacuzzi.

Jacuzzi in the river

Tropicana Resort & Spa From 1500 to 10 800 Baht. 70 rooms. 80 more rooms are constructed until juni 2008.
Recommended by See their picture gallery

Tropicana Resort

The Dewa: 59 rooms, villas and grand villas. From 4600 to 20 000 Bath. New designer hotel.

Dewa villa

Dewa beach

VJ Hotel Health and Spa: 1400 to 3200 Baht. It lies between Amari and Dewa, two of the noblest resorts on Ko Chang. Rooms in a hotel building, which looks not romantic, but good
reviews on

VJ Hotel

Amari Emerald Cove Resort From 4700 to 10700 Baht. 165 rooms. Italien restaurant Sassi. A luxurious resort, best rated hotel by in Ko Chang. Read reviews on

Amari Emerald Cove Resort

Grand Cabana Resort From 2200 to 6500 Baht. Well protected beach, safe for swimming.

Chook Dee Resort From 700 to 3000 Baht. Bungalows.

Cliff Beach Resort: From 2700 to 6250 Baht. 33 suites, restaurants, shops and atm nearby. The resort offers different kinds of rooms from standard rooms to private Thai Houses on the hill overlooking the sea and the islands. See more pictures here Read mainly good reviews reviews in

Thai Villa on the hill

Cliff Beach Resort

Had Sai Kai Bae หาดไก่แบ
Kai Bae Beach

Safe vor swimming.

Chang Park Resort: From 1300 to 23300 Baht. 118 rooms from bungalows to suites.

Chang Park Resort

3 Seasons Bungalow: From 600 to 1200 Baht. Not at the beach, on the other side of the road, without hot water.

See also video on

Garden Resort: From 1200 to 2200 Baht. In walking distance (3 minutes) from the beach, close to shops and dive school, bungalows with internet in all rooms. There is daily music from a restaurant opposite, but they finish before midnight. Good rating on

Garden Resort

Kai Bae Beach Resort: From 600 to 1800 Baht. Wooden bungalows with fan and cement bungalows with air-condition. See review on

Wooden bungalow with fan

Cement bungalow with air-condition

Video shows Kai Bae Beach Bungalows at beginning and Kai Bae Hut at the end:

Seaview Resort & Spa: From 1875 to 16 500 Baht. The luxurious Spa Suite offers you a private spa room and a jacuzzi with beautiful view of the sea and small islands. There is a fitness centre too, but don't await modern equipment there. Good reviews on

The Standard Cottage

Jacuzzi in Suite Spa

Had Tha Nam
Lonely beach

As new resorts have been built here, this beach ist no longer lonely, but it's not overcrowded. Some shops, restaurants and internet nearby.

Siam Beach Resort: From 650 to 6500 Baht. Hillside bungalows and hotel rooms at the beach. Quite good reviews on See their pool. More elevated pool villas with jaccuzzi have just been opened.

Hillside bungalows, picture by

In the jacuzzi

Nature Beach Resort: Recommended by

See video on

Bhumiyama Resort: 1920 bis 5200 baht, rooms in hotel building and bungalows. Quiet place, very good reviews on

Bhumiyama Resort

Siam Hut: From 350 to 500 Baht. 80 basic bungalows, a bit rundown. Has a MiniMart and an internet cafe at the sea. Read reviews on

Siam Hut

Tree House: From 80 to 280 bath. First impression of the coconut huts is nice, but it's a party place for young people with music during the night - not for everybody as the review on shows. About the food of treehouse restaurant you find a lot of good comments.

Bilderhosting bei Imageloop

Bilderhosting bei Imageloop

Bilderhosting bei Imageloop

Oasis Bungalows: From 300 to 360 Baht, 15 wooden huts, not at the beach, around 120 metres from the road, near the rainforest. The owners write on their homepage: "Some bars down the street do play pretty loud music some times. If you are sensible to this kind of 'good night music', Lonely Beach might not be the right place to stay. On the good side, you can be pretty sure always to find a place to party."

Magic Garden Resort: From 300 to 900 Baht. Party place with DJs playing.

Magic Garden Resort

Had Bai Lan เกาะช้าง
Bai Lan Beach

Hat Bang Bao บางเบ้า
Bang Bao Beach

In this fishing village the houses are built on poles pitched into the sea. The houses are connected by bridges. There are some restauants. See pictures by Heinz Albers

Nisa Cabana: From 3500 to 39000 Baht. Villas, suites, pool villas. Not at the beach.

Nirvana: From 4600 to 9200 Bath. A hideaway set in jungle on a peninsula, designed with fine materials, from timber floors to hand made Buddha roof tiles, interiors from Bali. Only small beach. Rock walk offers good views, 10 minutes to walk to Bang Bao village. reviews are quite good.

Bang Bao Sea Hut: From 1400 to 1900 Baht. The resort’s wood-finished bungalows sit on a private pier over the water at the end of Bang Bao pier, and combine stunning views with the amazing sensation of living over the sea itself. The rooms are airconditioned or have a fan. Recommended by

Picture by Greg Spurgin

Elephant Garden: 250 Baht. Bungalows with fan and shower.

Remark-Pu-Zi Hut: From 200 to 700 Baht.

The East Coast of Koh Chang
The East side of Koh Chang is very quiet, not much has been changed here in the last years. Different from the West side there are no Songthaews (Taxis) driving up and down the street on the East coast. If you drive South you cannot change to the West coast, a street is planned, but not finished. Read about the East Coast at

Had Dan Kao
Dan Kao Beach

Funky Hut Family Resort: From 1800 to 3900 Baht. With a pool for children and an alomost deserted beach.

The Souk Resort: 500 Baht. 10 bungalows.

Picture by Thailand met kleine Kinderen:

Chanarkarn Resort: From 1400 to 3000 Baht.

Suan Sam Chan Resort: From 1200 to 1500 Baht. 18 bungalows.

Ao Salak Kok อ่าวสลักเกาะ

Salak Kok Bay

SPA Koh Chang Resort: From 2200 to 4200 Bath. A romantic retreat for nature lovers, quiet and peaceful location on the eastside of Ko Chang, on a small lagoon,sits amidst mangroves and is surrounded by rain forrest. A building with rooms and cottages at a hillside. The restaurant is specialized in vegetarian and organic food, but serves also chicken and seafood. You can’t see the sea, but can hire a boat to paddle there through the mangroves. Three times a week they offer a shuttle bus to the beaches. You can get meditation and yoga training or a fasting program. Excellent reviews on Read also this essay of Victor Paul Borg

Had Salak Phet สลักเพชร
Salak Phet Beach

Salak Phet Resort: From 900 to 2500 Baht. With seafood restaurants.

Had Sai Yao หาดทรายยาว
Long Beach

Long beach is not accessible by road right now, as K_C_Farang noted on

Tree house: From 150 to 300 Baht. Basic bamboo huts

Bilderhosting bei Imageloop

Bilderhosting bei Imageloop

Bilderhosting bei Imageloop

Bilderhosting bei Imageloop

Bilderhosting bei Imageloop

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